THE DIGITAL DATING SCENE…There are so many of these sites out there now a days that it’s hard to find one that’s legit with actual men or women on there that are actuall looking to meet new people for either dating, friend fwb or whatever comes up.  All of these sites have what is known as “bots”, these are hired chicks mainly that respond to users or users that haven’t had activity to keep them checking back on the site with hopes of ” hooking up “.  Also these “bots” could be auto repsonses as well.  I have used a few of these sites with very minimul results, this could be due to my not putting everything into it for whatever reason but mainly it’s because i still believe meeting in person initially is the best way.  If stop and look at the user’s of these site its hard to tell for 1. if they’re real, 2. is that actually who your talkin to and 3rd how are you supposed to meet up with someone form across the u.s. Now lets start looking at some of these sites that I’ve used in the past.  The one thing you can be sure of is that all of them have some kinda membership fee’s that come with basic access and inorder to send messages, winks, flirts or anything outside of the basic, requires up grades to your profile to gain access.  Everyone’s experience and opinion is different, this is just mine and some of my close friends experiences. I’m gonna go over the few that I’ve used which have been U.S based and international. 

 Plenty of…(pof)                                                                                                This site has actually been the most legit and successful not just for myself but alot of people that i know as well.  For the most part the profiles and users are actually real and on there for the same reason.  Also having used this site, members have seemed to be more open and willing to communicate back and forth, which give me a better feeling about who I was talking to and that they weren’t bots.  I know for myself and a few friends more so my friends this site seemed to be well organized and maintained, simple to use and offered many options to make the user comfortable with all the extra B-S that come’s with using these type of sites.                                                                                                                                   My time on this site was fairly short but had alot of one way interaction which was why it was so short lived.  Although the basic was free and you could send emails to other user’s, I never recieved any emails back from the members that sent me one.  This led me to believe that they were again “bots”.  It was discouraging to say the least which led to less and less activity, and deffinetley didn’t spend any money to upgrade my profile to send flirts or anything but the free stuff.  Maybe had I spent the money I would have another opinion but lets be honest, who doesn’t want instant results with out the hassle.  I know I don’t wanna have to buy this, upgrade this and so on, just to talk other member’s.


Ok so with all the goverment ups and downs and slowly pulling rights that myself, my family and many many before me have faught for, times are getting questionable and uncertain.  Even more so the continuing attacks on our soil, taking extra steps to ensure the safety of your family, urself and nieghbors.  Staying aware of your surroundings including vehicles, new neighbors and things out the ordinary could give you that extra second or even prevent an attack.  There is so many things that could be said and in the near future i’ll go more in depth and specific details.  I’m no expert or claim to be but having experience in many different enviroments and countries I just wanna share some lessons and hope to help. 


Below are some more guides more specific to homeland survival, making your home a fortress and even an EMP survival guide.  I haven’t had a chance to review but i thought it was interesting to see books on more of a “dooms day” type topic.  Check ‘em out let me know what you think.  I will be reviewing and researching more material.  Check back in later and let me know what you think.






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After going through many products and reverting back to my training and experiences, I’ve come across some guides that make things simple to understand, almost like some guides or FM’s you get while your in service, that help you plan ahead and possibly take into consideration alternate plans.  Some basic thoughts to this would water shortage, food and shelter are the 3 basic keys.  With out a way to obtain these items or sources you dramatically lower your chances of surviving.  Not preparing ahead of time and thinking of “what if’s” can lead to many problems.  Taking time to learn about your area or where you are going is just as important as preparing.  Do your research and if your new to this field of interest than I recommend some guide books to get started and to get your mind in the right place.